An HBH clone solution is easy to create and use for feeding

20160828_133854xHBH is a simple formula that is a concoction according to the research paperwork at WVU, of Lemongrass Oil, Spearmint Oil, sugar, and Soy Lecithin as an emulsifier.

I use an old kitchen wand for about a minute on high, directly in the mason jar before adding second half of sugar solution.  If you do not have a dedicated blender or wand…
You can get around the emulsifier for short term handling simply by using a blender on high speed to airate the oils to blend them into solution. DO NOT do this if it’s an expensive blender used for common kitchen duty or if it has a plastic chamber (unless dedicated). These oils will impregnate your equipment! If it’s not glass or stainless for cleaning purposes, you may experience residual flavors. Enough said about that.

Honey Bee Healthy Clone [2016 formula]

5 cup water
2 1/2 pounds sugar (7 1/2 cups)
1/8 teaspoon lecithin granules
20 drops spearmint essence oil
15 drops tea tree essence oil
7 drops lemongrass essence oil

While the 5 cups of water is heating to a boil add 8 oz of the water to a blender with the lecithin granules, spearmint oil, lemongrass oil, and tea tree oil, blend on low speed for 1 minute or longer if needed making sure the surface tension is broken and the oils are thoroughly emulsified.

When the 5 cups of water reaches a boil, remove from heat and add sugar and emulsified oils and stir well.

Store in the refrigerator when not being used

Classic recipe:
1 tsp of each spearmint and lemongrass oils
2 Cups Warm Water
1 Cup sugar

Typically I use 1 tsp of solution to each Gallon of 1:1 syrup (2 for 2:1).
I also added Tea Tree oil at 2/3rds the concentration of Spearmint to fight off Nosema and bacteria
There are other recipes out there to be had, some stronger, some weaker.
I use mine HBH solution usually in early spring, and late fall feed, (till ready for winter patties if necessary).

**I personally find this to be way to much Lemongrass Oil. A little goes a long way as it mimics queen pheromones.

Honey Bee Healthy Recipe – from Clint/M Bush
5 cups water
2 1/2 pounds of sugar
15 drops each of spearmint and lemongrass oils
1/8 teaspoon lecithin granules
You have to dissolve the granules in very hot (almost boiling) water and let it cool prior to incorporating the oils into the mixture. The lecithin is an emulsifier and helps disperse the oils in the water mixture. This is the standard recipe according to a website article I read about using essential oils, and these are the two oils used in the HBH.

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